Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things I've Learned

Sorry no photos this post as I can't use my lap top and am using the hotel internet.
We're in Florence and it's a totally different feel to Rome. We took the 48 hr bus trip around town when we arrived yesterday and even went out to a small town on the hilltop overlooking Florence. Today we're off to explore by foot and by bus if we tire.
I like to try new things, especially if a place is famous for it, such as drinking a Campari and soda in Italy. Well I tired it in Rome and it's not a drink for the faint hearted. I tired a Camparui Spritz ans should have realized it wasn't a gopopd cjoice by the look on the waitress' face. I found it to be very strong but thought maybe a Campari and soda was what I needed. I tried that too and still couldn;t drink it. I can drink straight Scotch but not Campari. I ended up having some in Lemonade. It can be up to 28% alcohol so that may be a clue there!
We also nearly took a French speaking tour in Rome but common sense and my sister, Glen prevailed. I did think it may be a good way to take a French refresher class but may be not.
I alsom learned that I don't want to be a tour guide in Rome. It's a hard job and like herding cats!! People just wander off to the bathroom and don't even tell the people they are traveling with so the guide anxiously searches for them until she has the right number of people again. On the Vatican tour we took 3 hours and it was still a bit rushed. The guide told us that groups from cruise ships take 500 people through in 1 and 1/2 hours and they literally run and try not to be left behind. I was grateful that we only had 25 people with us and paying for the Skip the Line ticket was woirth every bit of the money.
Off to explore again today and hopefully will have photos again soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Lynne said...

I agree; Florence is a very different city to Rome but both have their charm.

jacaranda said...

Keep those travel tales coming, I love them and photos. We are staying in Tuscany and commuting each day to Florence. Disappointed the sun flowers won't be out. Keep on enjoying Jan.