Friday, August 12, 2011

The Magic Cupboard

I've been overlocking around the edges of polar fleece that I had in my "magic cupboard" and making nice, warm fleecy blankets which will be given to a day for the homeless in Ipswich later this month. I have 3 more to finish as well as some more quilts before the truck is on its way to Brisbane again tomorrow night. I also used some polar fleece that had been donated and as there is such a big demand for blankets I know that they will be snapped up quickly.
I also received 3 more lovely beanies from Heather Coyne (Vic) and they will also be going to the people who are now homeless, due to the Qld floods, around the Ipswich area.
I also finished off more quilts as shown on my other blog, and they are also going to Qld with the delivery tomorrow.
Now have I finished packing yet?? No but there is another quilt pinned on the machine and ready to be quilted and with luck I'll get a few more finished tomorrow as well as packing for my trip and cleaning the house. I can rest on the plane!
Hugs, Jan Mac


kaiteM said...

I thought you'd be gone by now Jan, steady down a bit or you'll miss that plane.
I'm still knitting wraps, we had a good day last friday for Wrap with Love here, and now Mum and i are finishing off a few wraps by stitching them up. It's so good to be able to do something meaningful and practical for those who are less fortunate.

Maria said...

Jan, you're still working like mad making warm things for the needy, right up to almost when your flight is leaving! you are certainly amazing! Have a wonderful time and do rest on that plane :-)

Lynne said...

I think this comment might be too late - have a great trip; there'll be some blocks waiting for you when you get back!