Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy, Busy

The weeks are very busy with more quilt finishes and quilt deliveries to make. I went to the Victorian Quilter's Showcase on Sunday and will show some of the photos from that tomorrow. I also managed to meet up with Vicki Lynch (WA) who very kindly brought another 22 beautiful QAYG blocks with her. I also received a lovely quilt top from Gina Wilson (Vic) and it will be quilted as soon as possible so it can be on its way to its new home.
Later that afternoon I delivered another 40 quilts to a group which helps the homeless in Melbourne and also most of the quilts requested for the upcoming kids' camp. I stayed overnight so I could attend my quilting meeting and also received a huge pile of QAYG blocks from Margaret Fleming, a lovely quilt (shown on my other blog) and many knitted jumpers from Jacqy Wong, 9 lovely knitted beanies from Beryl Baker, as well as many knitted jumpers and blankets from Jenni Omand and her lovely sister-in-law in Sth Australia. I had emptied the cupboard with all the donations to be delivered to Melbourne so the cupboard has started to fill again and I'm starting to fill more boxes to deliver.
I also finished another scarf and delivered many knitted garments and crocheted/knitted blankets. One of the ladies who helps to distribute the quilts said that she'd asked a young man to choose a quilt for himself as he's living in short-term accommodation which helps the homeless to get established. He was only 17 and had become orphaned at the age of 16 and spent a year in foster care until he was too old to remain in the system. He had spotted one of my crocheted blankets and asked if he could have that instead of a quilt as it reminded him of one his grandmother had made and of better times with his family. Of course she said yes and also offered him a quilt but he only wanted the blanket so someone else could have a quilt.
Stories like these help to keep me focused on making more quilts and items for the needy. Times are tougher than ever for many people and the gift of a handmade item can bring so much joy and comfort to people when someone they don't know thought to make them a gift. It helps them to feel part of the bigger community too.
So thank you all for your part in helping those who are often overlooked.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

That's a lovely story about the young man...brought a tear to my eye.

Gina E. said...

Surprise, surprise!! I just posted a comment on your other blog, asking if you had received my quilt top, and here it is! I didn't realise until just now you had more than one blog. Thank you Jan - I will be making more soon and may even try the QAYG (it will be a first for me, so be patient, lol!)

Lynne said...

What a touching story. Time and again I hear of people in desperate situations being offered "more than one" of something and politely refusing so that"someone else can have one"!