Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beautiful Florence, Warm Pisa and Hot Genoa

We enjoyed Florence despite the heat and enjoyed walking around the old part of the city along with many other tourists. This morning we took the train to Pisa and stopped off for an hour and a half to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's still leaning but has been cleaned during their recent restoration. Many of the stone works in the museum or church floors here and in Rome reminded me of patchwork patterns and the intricate mosaic work of the paintings in St Peters and floors in the Sistene Chapel were things I would have liked to study without all the tourists. Never mind they were all there to enjoy them too. Pisa was 37 or 38 degrees and the train to Genoa was delayed and the air conditioning wasn't working so it was a very hot trip on a crowded train. We enjoyed walking along the water front near our hotel and a lovely meal of shrimp (prawns) for our evening meal.
In the morning we are catching the train to Lausanne in Switzerland via Milan and it will be hot again so we hope the air conditioing is working. At least our hotel is lovely and cool here.
Off to have my third shower for the day. LOL
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

I found the same thing about the floors in these old buildings having interesting 'patchwork' patterns. We went in May so not quite 'high season' but the officials kept saying, 'Keep moving, keep moving' so it was hard to linger and look more closely! :-(
I just LOVED the bell tower at Pisa...that beautiful white marble!

Lynne said...

I loved Florence and Pisa but didn't get to Genoa!

And look at those prawns! Wow!