Saturday, August 13, 2011

Almost In Italy

Another busy but productive day and I finished 2 more quilts (shown on my other blog) as well as another large crocheted blanket. The boxes are packed and ready to go and I've finally packed my suitcase.
I'm taking my knitting for when we are traveling on the train and plan to knit mini Christmas stockings for the needy. Janice from Needy Stitches supplies many organizations which work with the needy in Melbourne and they have asked for 5,000 stockings to be given out at Christmas time. They are filled with some lollies or some soap etc and may be the only gift many people will receive. The groups need them by Oct I think so I plan to work on them while I'm away.
If anyone wants to join in they are very quick to make and you can post them to:
Janice Bartlett, 71 Maple St, Seaford, Vic 3198

The pattern is:
Using 8 ply and no 8 needles, cast on 24 stitches.
(Knit 1, inc in next stitch) to end 36 sts.
Beg with purl row st st 7 rows
K14 (K2tog) 4 times K14 (32 sts)
K12 (K2tog) 4 times K12 (28 sts)
K10 (K2tog) 4 times K10 (24 sts)
Beg with knit row st st 12 rows
Garter stitch 5 rows
Cast off and sew up side and bottom seam

Have fun with them and lets see how many we can send to Janice. I am sure that if she receives more than 5,000 they will all be used by other organizations.
I'll try to check back when I next have internet access.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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