Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sewing and Spring Cleaning

Yes I know I've been missing from blog world for a week but our youngest DD was home again on holidays and my time on the computer was limited.
The weather was lovely and although the nights were cold and we had morning frosts, we were in the mood for some spring cleaning. I went through my patchwork patterns and removed those I know I'll never make as well as some notions for dressmaking that have been sitting on the shelf for far too long.
I also tidied up my magic cupboard of fabric and found that I have more than enough pairs of denim jeans to make into quilts as well as plenty of shirts to make into quilts for males ala Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville patterns. By grouping all the different types of fabric together I now know what I have to work with and what to stop acquiring so I hope my cupboard won't be bursting at the seams again. I also gave away a lot of dressmaking fabric that isn't suitable for quilting and I know I'll never use. It was time to bless someone else with them.
We also had our DD's playful kitten with us for the week and she took over the house again. I've never seen a kitten play "fetch" before and she loves you to throw her soft mouse toy and she keeps fetching it until she tires of the game. We also found DD's earliest quilt top that she jade at about 12 and it was never finished. She chose all the fabrics because she loved them at the time but can now see that they would look better with a narrow sashing between the blocks to tame the colours and prints. I'll take that apart for a future sewing project. We also made another couple of skirts and the pattern has been used so much that I've made a duplicate from interfacing as it had started to tear.
I've also been finishing off some more QAYG quilts and they will be on my other blog.
Later I'll post the latest delivery of donations from around Australia.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Lisa said...

I LOVE this picture! Your cat is beautiful!

Lynne said...

Sounds like you have been very productive.

kaiteM said...

a busy, happy week and i love the flck in kitten's tail.