Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oz Comfort Quilts On TV

Click on the link following to see a couple of our quilts which were given out to the homeless by Mission Australia at a special Christmas in July event held in Brisbane yesterday.
Seeing the smiles on the faces makes it all worthwhile even though you only get a quick look at two of the quilts.


Lynne said...

Oh, Jan, it brought tears to my eyes! I knit for the Homeless Connect Day in Sydney, I knit for Aboriginals in outback communities, I knit and sew for children going into foster care - and I wish I could do more! Those of us with a roof over our heads, living in mostly happy families, don't know how blessed we are!

Maria said...

Got a bit teary. Beautiful work. Noticed also some knitted and crocheted items and I know Knit4Charities and Knitting For Brisbanes Needy support Mission Australia

Gina E. said...

We may be the Lucky Country, but this shows there are still many people here who need help as much as third world countries. Good on you Jan - and thank you for providing this link.