Thursday, June 2, 2011

Parcels Arrived

I've received more parcels today and have more to photograph and add to the blog tomorrow. The first one was from Kay Champion (Vic)with 15 QAYG blocks and I also received some strips of fabric from Fran Smith and Barbara Smith from Canada, and they will be used for more QAYG blocks.
I also received a beautiful quilt top and backing from Sandra Lowe from Singapore. Sandra brought them with her and posted them while on holidays here in Australia.
I also received a very nice letter from a lady in Theodore (Qld) who received one of the quilts I sent some weeks ago and she was very grateful for the gift of a quilt.
The past few days have been spent packing boxes of quilts again and I'm posting some more off tomorrow to a group who will distribute them to the homeless in Melbourne. I'm also sending off beanies, scarves and crocheted blankets to them as winter has arrived.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Maria said...

So many wonderful people and you are great to get quilts etc out to where they are needed Jan.
How nice to receive a letter of Thanks.