Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Weekend Break

It was good to make so much progress with the quilts for the past week as we had a wedding to attend and more family commitments over the weekend. The wedding was lovely, the bride was beautiful and we all had a fun time catching up with friends.
We also spent time with family while we were in Melbourne but we were happy to be home in front of the fire after a cold day with some rain. It makes me really appreciate my home comforts and keeps me knitting and quilting so the homeless will also have some comfort.
Today was busy with family events and my Dad's 86th birthday celebrations so not much time for quilting. I plan to get an early start tomorrow though and will have more quilts to show on my other blog too.
I also want to send a very appreciative thank you to those people who donated via the Paypal button on my blog. I was very reluctant to ask as I don't like asking for money and the whole process of using Paypal while not being a registered non-profit organization was worrying me. I thank you for your trust and I'll keep you updated as to where the money is used.
God bless,
Hugs,Jan Mac


kaiteM said...

Good to have time off and share it with your family Jan.
The donate button is a terrific idea, i'll try to pop some "spare change" on it each month.

willywagtail said...

Wonderful that you have a fire to create your warmth before says me freezing in front of the computer. I just finished a book, set in Venice in the time of the Borgias/Medicis. It involved some homeless youths, one who makes it to chef, who at one stage stole some wool blankets to keep themselves warm as they slept in corners of the filthy city. When one lad moved on the other appropriated his blanket, thereby doubling his warmth. This post reminded me of that. Cherrie