Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Lovely Break

We had a lovely time away and went camping with friends over on the Victorian and South Australian border. It's an unexpected area of desert and sand dunes which gave the fellows some good fun 4 WD driving up and down the sandy tracks. Most of the tress are scrubby but there were a couple of areas of beautiful gum trees. The days were lovely and sunny and the nights were crisp and cold. In fact it was so cold that it was warmer in our fridge than in our camper! Unfortunately there wasn't enough room to sleep in the fridge LOL.
We came home on Monday evening after driving through the areas affected by floods in Vic and although Charlton still seems to be recovering, Rochester looks like it's almost back to normal. Yesterday was spent in packing the last of the quilts I'd finished and sending them off in the truck for Qld flood victims. Check out my other blog for the totals and an update on where they are going.
I also managed to finish a couple more scarves and received 4 beautiful beanies from Ann Halden (NSW) so the collection for the next distribution has started again.
Today will be spent in getting more quilts finished as the nights are very cold and I'm very grateful for my warm home. If you have time to finish off a quilt to donate, or knit a beanie, gloves or a scarf, they will all be very welcome for distribution to where they are very much needed.
Hugs and stay warm, Jan Mac


kaiteM said...

Looks like a beautiful place to stay Jan, gave your head a good airing and your arms a rest. You needed it and now back to making gifts of love.

Merilyn said...

A well deserved holiday Jan, your camping spot looks great, sounds as though you had good weather while you were away!