Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Guessed It- QAYG Again!

I have received more donations of QAYG blocks and they are making it possible to make some lovely quilts to donate on your behalf.
The first photo shows 10 QAYG blocks donated by Jo Congerton (Vic) and the lovely bright pink and purple colours will make a lovely quilt. The next blocks were donated by Terry Patterson (NSW) and they will join some other blocks of differing sizes to make a lovely quilt to comfort someone. I can use any size blocks so please don't worry if they measure differently to 10.5 ". If I don't have enough to make a quilt in a particular size then I just make more to join them so it's not a problem. Terry said that she found these blocks when she was cleaning out a cupboard and they will be a good start for a quilt with larger blocks.
I also received a lovely QAYG quilt made by Di Jobbins and St Mark's Quilters from Sydney (NSW) and it's shown on my other blog.
I also received a lovely email (quoted on my other blog) of thanks from one of the quilters who helped to distribute quilts to Rochester (Vic) and it's always lovely to hear how much the quilts mean to the people who receive them.
Paid work has kept me busy for the past few days and I have a few more donations to acknowledge tomorrow, but for now it's time for bed as tomorrow will be a big day too.
Many, many thanks for trusting me to finish and donate the quilts on your behalf. We are able to make a difference and imagine if every quilter made enough blocks for one quilt, how many people we could help.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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