Monday, April 4, 2011

God Bless Australia Post

You may have guessed that I spend a lot of time at my local post office. In fact the staff know me by name, I don't have to spell my surname, I get parcels address to Jan Mac and not my full surname and they even know my DH as he often picks up the parcels for me so I can keep quilting.
Yesterday was exceptionally busy at the post office and I had to park quite a way from the store. When I arrived at the counter, without my DH to help carry the parcels the young lass suggested that I should drive in to the hallowed turf at the back of the post office and they would bring the parcels out to me.
I walked back to fetch the car and when I drove into the yard there was a postal employee with a trolley laden with parcels which he then loaded into my car. What incredibly good service and it made it so much easier than making several trips to carry the parcels and as she said they didn't want me to trip over while juggling parcels. Have I perhaps crossed over into the senior citizen category of their customers? Who cares- the service was great and made it much easier to get everything home. I wonder if I'll be driving into the back again this week?
I've received many wonderful donations as you can see here. The first set of 35 QAYG blocks were made for Christchurch by Sharon Lee (NSW) and will soon be made into a quilt and on their way across the Tasman to Cat.

Penel Bigg (NSW) sent a bag, 35 lovely QAYG blocks as well as fabric for sashing and binding.

The Colleambally Quilters (NSW) have been very busy and they sent down 2 sets of QAYG blocks, 5 quilts as well as fabric and batting for more blocks.

Janet Stewart and the Candelo Craft Group (NSW) sent a large parcel with 4 lovely quilts, 4 pillowcases shown here and 2 lovely tote bags, and they will be treasured gifts for their new owners.

Pat Tenorio and the ExSANity Quilting group (NSW) sent a large parcel with 3 tablecloths, 1 cushion cover, a cot-sized top ready for quilting and including batting and backing, as well as two other quilt tops and backing and they will be lovely quilts when finished. The quilts will be shown on my other blog tomorrow.

Elizabeth Raymond (NSW) sent a lovely QAYG quilt and a matching quilted bag shown here. The quilt will appear on my other blog tomorrow.

Tina Smith (Vic) donated 4 lovely QAYG blocks.

Margaret Taylor and the ladies from St Paul's Anglican Church group made 18 lovely QAYG blocks and also sent fabric for binding.
All of these very generous donations will warm and comfort the recipients when the quilts are distributed.

Many thanks for all your help with these quilt appeals.

Hugs Jan Mac

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Maria said...

LOL I don't think you have crosed the SC line you are just a valued customer.