Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Challenging Week

I always try to sew for at least a half hour every day but don't always manage it. If I don't sew I often use some time to cut and press bindings, cut strips of fabric for blocks etc. This week was a bit more challenging than most when it came time to get some quilts finished. Night shift made the week seem very short and I was really looking forward to getting lost done last night and we had a severe thunderstorm, lots of rain and the power went off for 15 hours or so. Luckily I can knit in very little light. LOL.
Of course when the power finally came on again just before lunchtime today I made sure I got straight into the sewing in case it went off again as more storms are predicted. We also have warnings for floods here but we think we'll be fine as the river has gone down a long way and after living here for 20 years we get to know when we might have trouble. Of course nature has a way of changing too. Anyway I did manage to get some quilts finished and they are on my other blog.
Yesterday the mail arrived with more lovely blocks from Sue King (NSW) who sent 8 QAYG blocks and a pillowcase. The XSANity Quilters and Lorna McCluskey (NSW) sent a lovely set of 25 blocks, and two beautiful tops and I plan on getting them quilted as soon as I find backings to fit them. Stephanie Driel (WA) also9 sent a lovely quilt top and 2 sets of QAYG blocks (70 in total) as well as 4 sets of binding. The first set was in pretty pastels and I put that one together today so it's on the other blog now. Jan Massey (WA) sent 5 lovely European pillowcases in colours for boys and they are lovely and soft with polar fleece and fabric and will be much loved I'm sure.
The community group's truck I was using to send quilts to Qld isn't taking anymore things up now so it's time for me to concentrate on delivering quilts to the farming areas and small towns here in Victoria which have been inundated with flood waters. Many farmers have lost their stock, their crops, fences and also their homes so life is pretty grim for them. Now that school has just started back and the waters are receding I'm going to be delivering quilts to those areas which are only an hour's drive away from here. At least I'll start there and then see where I end up when I get the call for more quilts.
Of course none of this would be possible without the very generous support of the readers in blog-land. The cyclone that wiped out some small towns in Queensland on Wednesday night has caused some wild storms and floods as far down as parts of Melbourne with homes being flooded again. One area near Ballarat had homes flooded for the 4th time since September and I'd hate to think how they are coping with that time after time. I can't give everyone a quilt but we can try to get as many made and donated as possible and it's time to get off the computer and back to the sewing machine now.
Stay safe everyone,
Jan Mac


Alycia said...

Jan - those are beautiful! Don't forget to take some time to sleep!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Just know that the people and properties of Australia are in our American hearts and prayers. Enough is enough! I am so grateful that you and your family have not been flooded and that your heart is still going strong and your hands every busy doing good. Bless you, Jan!!!

kaite said...

it's wonderful to see how generous many people are, hugz...k.

lesleyg said...

I sent you an email about 3 quilt tops coming from England. Did you see it ?

Jan Mac said...

Hi Lesley,
Yes I'd actually written you an email just before the comment came through.
Many thanks, Jan Mac