Friday, December 10, 2010

Life on the River

Yes it's happened again- we live on the Broken River in Victoria and it is known as being the river which falls or rises the fastest in Victoria. The river was slowly rising yesterday and overnight we had our access road cut off again. It's not rising as much as it did in Spetember but we wouldn't be able to leave home unless we had a 4WD. Unfortunately our youngest DD has come home for an early Christmas celebration as she will be in New York for Christmas this year. She's hoping for a white Christmas but she at least won't be having a flooded one. Hopefully we won't either!
We will drive into town tonight to have our celebration at one of our relative's so we will still be able to have a get-to-gether, and I've also been able to get into work this week, attend my quilt meeting in Melbourne, celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary and knit some premmie baby clothes, so life is full as usual. I also finsihed off a large quilt which only needed binding and I'll show that on my other blog at
At least the rain has stopped for the last two days and our home is high enough to be out of the river and we only live in the river occasionally. So far this year we've had drought, floods and plagues of locusts. Just pray that we are spared from more bushfires this summer.
Take care and enjoy the coming holidays and I hope the other Aussies affected by floods will also be spared although many have lost valuable crops they were relying on for income.
Hugs Jan Mac

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kaite said...

that chook shed looks like it's half under water tho. congratulations for the 31st wedding anniversary, that's quite momentous. hgz, k.