Thursday, November 11, 2010

Touring Houston

Before we left Houston last Monday we did manage to see some of the sights when we visted a number of houses which have been relocated at Sam Houston Park. We had a guided tour and saw many different homes and how they would have been decorated at the time. There was even a quilt on one of the beds and the years spanned from the 1840s up to the 1940s.
A lovely little area in the middle of Houston, surrounded by high rise buildings and yet portraying a different life.
Then we flew to DC on Monday and our first visit was to the DAR Museum on Tuesday. We had a guided tour and saw some fabulous appliqued quilts from the 1840s and I was in heaven, being able to study them at close range.
We've stopped buying fabric and booksw and now we're buying patterns and pins. Actually I also bought a couple of books about the historical background of quilts. We're loving seeing Washington DC, the fall leaves are out everwhere and the weather is lovely and sunny. More to come.
Hugs Janmac

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Mary-anne said...

and when we were there (looking at the old houses) a bride was having her photos taken outside the old churc - gorgeous!