Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Short Break Over

We're back from our camping trip with friends and spent 12 days in Sth Australia. Three days were spent in the Flinders Ranges and the rest of the time was at Port Lincoln. I'll load some photos of the scenery on my next post. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed our break.
I also managed to visit a quilt shop at Cowell as well as in Port Lincoln. I'm collecting red civil war fabric and also got a couple of double pinks as well as a couple of paisleys I couldn't resist.
I've finally caught up on the usual jobs after being away and have started putting another QAYG quilt together. I also found a pile of 2.5" squares which had been joined into strips and I've separated them back into 9 patches and plan to use them to make a donation quilt. They aren't the usual 9 patches with 5 patches in dark and 4 in light fabrics, and instead are a mixture of values in the squares so I plan to use a coordinating fabric to make a secondary pattern and make them play nicely together. At least that's the plan.
Now to find some fabrics which suit them.
More later.
Hugs Jan Mac

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kaite said...

how good that you got away for the rest of your trip after that nasty experience with the flooding. cheers, k.