Sunday, September 5, 2010


We live on one of the rivers which are currently in flood in Victoria. Actually at the moment we are living surrounded by the river and the flood waters are still rising. We've done as much preparation as possible and have gotten enough food and supplies to wait it out and now we just hope and pray that the water won't come into the house.
The river flooded in 1993 and at that time we had 12 calves to feed and the kids thought it was a big adventure to be living on an island. Ray and I are the only ones at home this time and we're grateful that we don't have any animals to feed.
Dealing with the uncertainty about how high the waters will rise is the most stressful part of living on this beautiful river but at least it's not as life-threatening as bush fires.
To help to pass the time between checking the water levels, I decided to bring out my hand sewing and have been working on one of the blocks for my Civil War Bride quilt. We'll probably stay up overnight in case we need to move things higher in the house so I hope to get more done and will show my progress soon.
In the meantime keep us in your prayers that our home won't flood, especially as I have a large number of boxes of finished quilts which are ready to go in the next shipment. I have raised them all but don't want to have to have any quilts go under the muddy water.
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Take care, Jan Mac


kaite said...

oh Jan, i am really sending you a lot of Hope. can you put some of those quilts up in the ceiling space? big hopeful hug here for you, kaite

Britta said...

Hi Jan,

I also live near a river in Germany and am constantly worried when we have long and enduring rains like this summer as floods would certainly mean wet walls from creeping up from the raw low basement and all of this nonsense. I really hope you'll be spared and can relax soon... I keep my fingers crossed for you!

Greetings from the Rhine,

kaite said...

tuesday morn jan, how did you go? please post a comment if you're still above the water, i can't seem to find out from up here. k.

Sue said...

I am thinking of you. Hope the water stays low.

Bev said...

Hope all is still dry Jan...let us all know soon.Sending love and dry weather wishes to you!

Bev said...

Take care Jan..hope all is still dry!Update us when you can