Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're Off..

Last week I donated another 8 quilts and 2 crocheted blankets to a support group for Burmese refugees who have been relocated in Bendigo as well as another 4 quilts to the women's refuge here. I've also been busy making moire QAYG blocks and putting together another QAYG quilt which sent to the local refuge.
I'm still making and distributing quilts to the bush fire affected areas but we are off traveling for 3 months so I ask that if you have any parcels to send, that you please wait until I return. I am keeping the quilts for bush fire areas until they request more as their storage space is limited and we will be going down the Kinglake again when we return.
I've also received 3 quilts donated by AQA for Kinglake, and Warracknabeal quilters sent over a huge box of rice bags as well as quilts for Timor. I really appreciate all the support and donations that you have given and I will continue with distributions again when I return home.
We leave tomorrow and will be traveling across to Alice Springs, where I hope to visit the Beanie Festival and see a display of quilts which will be held there at the end of the month. Then we are going across the Tanami Track to the top of WA and then making our way down the coast and across SA to get back home.
I'm going to be having withdrawals from the sewing machine but I will be taking hand sewing with me and I did manage to sneak a large bag of wool in the camper so I can knit hats and crochet blankets while we travel.
Stay safe and say hi if you see us on the track.
Hugs Jan Mac


Ulla said...

Have a very nice and safe journey!

Kaite said...

have a wonderful trip and tell us all about it when you return...stay safe and move right off for roadtrains. hugz, kaite

Maria said...

A well deserved holiday for you both. Enjoy your travels and drive safe.

Mary-anne said...

And those donations are now keeping Karen refugess warm - thank you!