Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Fun and a Quilt

We had a lovely family gathering last night with a celebration for one of my niece's engagement. It's always fun to get together and we never seem to have enough time to speak to everyone, but we did try.
The engaged couple are very much in love, the venue was lovely and the food was fabulous, so what more could you ask for!
I also took along the quilt I made for my first grand-niece. I stitched her name onto the quilt and my sister said that means that I would have to make a new one for the next child as it couldn't be passed down. I luaghed and told her that was the plan. The new parents loved it, especially because it was hand made and had their baby's name on it. I told them to make sure they use it and if they wear it out I'll make them another one. The second photo shows my sister with her beautiful first grandchild and my Dad in the background.
I'm off to my quilting meeting tomorrow so I'll show my Challenge block for that later.
Bye for now, Jan Mac


Kaite said...

lovely to share a beautiful family function with us Jan...hugz,kaite

Lindi said...

She's lovely! Babies are certainly taking centre stage at the moment. :)