Saturday, May 15, 2010

Plenty of Quilting Happening

I'm just getting back into the swing of quilting again now that I've returned from all my quilting travels.
It was lovely to take a break and over the last few days I've been busy finishing off another QAYG quilt as well as working on UFOs. I have finally pieced a top from donated bits and pieces. It's a Scrappy Bargello pattern from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site and it will be quilted very soon so it can be donated to the women's refuge.
I also received some lovely rice bags from Maria in WA and she told me that her grandchildren helped her to finish them. I love to hear that you are getting others involved in making things to donate as it's a good lesson for kids to know that they can help others too.
I also received a large stack of QAYG blocks from Stephanie D. in WA when we attended the SCQ Retreat last week. They will be the next quilt to be assembled.
I also received other donated quilts and will post their photos on my other blog at
Back to a block challenge now for AQA and I'll post details later.
Hugs Jan Mac


Kaite said...

hi Jan, that 2nd photo of the quilt with all the little squares is nice. Good to see that you're busy once more.
btw - when is your next delivery of things for Timor, so i know when to make some little purses for them. (answer here and it'll go thru to me). cheers, k.

Beth said...

Beautiful string quilt!

knit to unwind said...

Hi, I wish to sew some rice bags to donate too, pl email me have the address to send them to . Thanks.

Lay Ngoh