Friday, April 9, 2010

Puzzle Solved

I worked hard and finally got the UFO finished off so I can hand it in at my quilting meeting on Monday. There were some challenges but someone will be happy to snuggle with it now it's done. The QAYG quilt will also go to Odyssey House via AQA and it's good to get some more quilts finished.
I'm working night shift tonight and have made a big pot of soup today so that's our evening meal sorted. I also have a challenge quilt to make for my Southern Cross Quilters Retreat in 4 weeks time so that had better be my next project.
Hugs Jan Mac


Maria said...

Love your star quilt and the QAYG"s always look great.

Kaite said...

if the SXQs retreat is still in Bathurst you'd better make an extra warm one to bring just for yourself. Mid May it's getting cold here. K.