Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Lovely Quilty Weekend

I signed up for a weekend of quilting classes at a nearby venue at Dookie and took a class with Chris Serong. She taught her award winning Sunflower pattern and she is an excellent teacher. Chris is very well organized and very generous with her time and knowledge. She's only going to teach this class for a short time and then she'll retire it so if you get the chance to take the class I can highly recommend it. I'll show the 4 blocks I finished when I post tomorrow.
Today, I also managed to finish the binding on 4 quilts and make 2 more rice bags so I did bust some stash and will post more photos tomorrow.
Hugs Jan Mac

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Dena said...

Glad you enjoyed your quilting class. Love your quilts, especially the one of the right. Thank you for sharing.