Friday, April 9, 2010

It's a Puzzle...

...Or at least a UFO. the photo of small fabric squares is a UFO kit I said that I'd put together for my quilting group, AQA. We make and donate quilts to Odyssey House, which is a rehab unit for drug addicts in Melbourne. I received the kit which seemed to have an unusual number of pieces and many were differing sizes and not very accurately cut, so I'd been struggling with what to do with them. I like to cut my half square triangle pieces larger than needed and then trim them to make them accurately. That wasn't possible as the triangles were cut too small. So I spent yesterday and today putting the blocks together and plan to sew the blocks together, add borders and quilt and bind it so I can hand it in at our meeting on Monday. I'm also working night shift again tomorrow night so I need to get it finished before then. I really want it done so I can move on to some other UFOs I want to finish and I haven't touched my hand sewing since Christmas and really need to get some more hand appliqued blocks finished. I've been too busy with knitting and crocheting instead.
On Wednesday we took our DD for a BBQ lunch to see the koala colony near us. We saw lots of them asleep and it was hard to get good photos but one koala was awake and sitting in a fork of a tree so you may be able to see him if you enlarge the photo. We also saw lots of kangaroos but they moved too quickly to capture on film. I thought my overseas readers may enjoy seeing some of our wildlife so I hope you can see him. The river is very wide and although it was an overcast day we did have a lovely lunch and there was still time to make a few more blocks when we returned home.
I also finished a QAYG quilt so I hope to have more photos to show tomorrow.
Bye for now, Jan Mac

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Kaite said...

i can see the koala without even enlarging the photo. have a good week, |<.
ps: i've got a new photo so don't be fooled.