Friday, March 12, 2010

Quilt Soup

I didn't intend to be absent from blogging this long but my computer failed to load things quickly and DH had to get more memory for this one and I had far too many files saved. He swapped me over to a new hard drive but hasn't been able to transfer all my email addies yet so if you wrote I may have missed it.
I have also been busy working night shift for the last couple of weeks and I have more this coming week. As I'm saving for my trip to Houston this Oct, the money was too good to turn down but I don't get much time for anything other than lots of sleeping while I work nights.
I also met with some lovely ladies from Deniliquin (NSW) and received some lovely cloth tote bags and rice bags they'd made to donate to East Timor. They also gave me some bits and pieces of scraps which I call "Quilt Soup" as they make mine more appealing when I add bits and pieces to them to make a quilt. These strips were in all different sized lengths and I trimmed them to 6" and had enough to make a quilt. I plan to quilt and bind it tomorrow and then it will be going to warm a child on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the US.
We also went camping for a few days with friends and enjoyed a relaxing weekend. While camping, I made more hats and scarves and posted them off with 10 Easter baskets to Pine Ridge as well as knitting more baby clothes. The other quilt top is a beautiful collection of flannel squares which I joined together and quilted up for a child to cuddle. More photos tomorrow.
Hugs Jan Mac

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Kaite said...

hi Jan, that looks like a yummy licorice allsorts quilt at the top. Hope you get plenty of sleep during the day, tho i know it's hard. Hugz, Kaite