Saturday, March 20, 2010

Progress Of Sorts

I did get some sewing done yesterday which meant that I'm making progress but working nights has meant that I'm not getting as many quilts finished as usual. I needed sleep more than anything but I did get a fleece top pieced as well as a simple top made from pink fabric squares. I also made two tote bags from furnishings fabric and I lined them both as well as knitting 4 face cloths and another baby jacket. So I guess that's not too bad for this week.
I had forgotten to total my stash usage for Feb and was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd used 148 yards so with January's total I've used 266 .35 yards so far this year.
We had a lovely day when we took 45 more quilts down to Kinglake on Monday, although it was a rushed trip as I had to be back early so I could have a nap before starting work that night. The quilts were all at least DB or QS and we also took down more of the donated goods of books, knitting wool, bags and craft items.
I think that we have probably finished with the donations there now and I'll concentrate on making more quilts for East Timor and Pine Ridge Reservation. The downside is that I need to pay for postage to Pine Ridge and working nights will help to make that possible but I do plan to get more quilts finished soon as well as using up some of my sewing fabric by making more clothes for foster kids.
Bye for now, Jan Mac


Kate said...

Wow - 266 yards of stash made into beautiful useful quilts!!! What an amazingly productful person you are! You must sew at a fabulous speed...

Kaite said...

You've managed to get quite a bit done this week Jan, plus a little bit of sleep to go towards those night shifts. Well done.
Postage to Pine Ridge will be expensive, i try to avoid posting parcels overseas now for that reason. Airmail is out of the question and sea mail is sooo slow. I still haven't heard anything from Ethiopia and i posted that knitted wrap 4 months ago now. Maybe it's been diverted!
cheers, kaite