Sunday, March 28, 2010

It Started Life as a Skirt

As we literally walked in the door from our week away I received a phone call from Sue H. of Deniliquin (NSW). She was on her way through with more lovely tote bags she'd made as well as some bags of fabric. In one of the bags were 4 old fashioned woolen skirts. The fabric was still in excellent condition but no longer in fashion. I deconstructed them and made one of them into a lap sized quilt. It's thick fabric and very warm so I quilted a backing of fleecy material to the back and it didn't need any batting. It will make a lovely quilt/blanket for a child or an elder at Pine Ridge Reservation.
I love using up what would otherwise be wasted and have already deconstructed the other skirts and washed the fabric. I also saved the zippers and they will go to a Sewing group at Pine Ridge when I've collected enough to fill the box. The yellow/red tartan fabric has some small holes from moths so that will be used for the inner layer of QAYG blocks and as it is woolen fabric it will make them nice and cosy. The large piece of blue tartan will be used for backing and the other lovely fabric would be lovely as a quilt but it bled and bled when I washed it so it will make some lovely bags- it looks like paisley tapestry fabric and will make sturdy and fashionable bags- I hope.
I also put together a smaller QAYG quilt for Pine Ridge as well as finishing off a quilt that Sue donated and I'll show them on my other blog at Oz Comfort Quilts. Back to my machine.
Hugs Jan Mac


Kaite said...

nothing wasted, they look good. K.

Messy Karen said...

the purple one is Welsh Tapestry. when we lived in England my mother bought a few blankets when she visited Wales. they are absolutely gorgeous.

Craig and Liz said...

I just read the article from Quilter's Newsletter magazine (Oct/Nov 2009) about the QAYG string quilt blocks. Did you publish any instructions for the blocks? I would love to know what size of blocks and strings you suggested. Were they sewn on a foundation or with batting and a backing? Also is there a pattern for the heart string block or quilt? I am teaching a class on QAYG methods and would like to include info about your project. Congratulations on your award and the good work that you do.

Craig and Liz said...

I just sent a comment with a lot of questions and I forgot to include my email address for a reply. This comment should have my email address.