Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Day To Remember...

It's been 12 months since the terrible bush fires caused the deaths of 173 people and destroyed several communities as well as many houses, and there have been many memorial services today to honour those who died.
It's also my birthday so after a family meal last night I had a quiet day to work on some projects today. The main thing to finish is a quilt for my BIL's 60th birthday next Saturday. I'm making a denim quilt in a rail fence pattern with some of his shirts as the middle strip. I'm then stitching them down to a woollen fabric which will form the backing and the batting. It's to be a "knock-around" quilt he can use when he's off camping or driving. I also bound 2 of yesterday's quilts and will add the total of stash used soon. I also boxed up 18 scarves and a hat to send to Pine Ridge Reservation for the elders. The photo of the pink and cream scarves shows some lovely angora wool which was a legacy from my lovely Mum and I hope they love their soft warmth. The pile of quilts are those I finished earlier this week and I haven't worked out the stash used there either. There's always tomorrow for some of those jobs.
Back to the denim quilt as I'm working nights this week and need to get it finished before that, as sleep will be my main priority then.
Hugs Jan Mac


Marls said...

Happy Birthday Jan. Hope you had a nice day.
Thoughts and love are certainly sent to surround those affected by the fires a year ago.

Kaite said...

Hi Jan, i too hope you had a lovely birthday. I'm pleased that you had something close to home to occupy your hands and mind today. I now have more than one reason to remember this day. Big hug, K.

Ulla said...

Happy birthday, Jan! The jeans and shirts quilt looks perfect for a man.