Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Tuesday I made 4 more pillowcases so I've made 5 so far and used some Aussie fabric for some of them. Then yesterday I made my youngest DD two skirts for her to wear to work. I must take a photo when she's wearing them. It's a simple flared skirt pattern which makes up quickly and the pattern was originally one of my Mum's. It's her birthday today and she passed away 3 years ago on 11th Jan and she was a very good dressmaker and used to make the grand daughter's formal and evening dresses. That's the only dressmaking I've been doing lately too as I spend all my time on quilting. However I have a cupboard full of dressmaking fabric so I'm going to sew up some kids' clothes with it and donated them to Pine Ridge Reservation in the US. There is a drive on for PJs and I'm going to make some flannel pants for the teens and reduce my fabric stash.
So far I've used up 5 yds for the pillowcases and 4 yds for the skirts as well as a QAYG quilt so I'll have to calculate the fabric used for that as I'm on a mission to use up 100 yds of my stash. I'm actually hoping to use much more but wanted to set a goal to reach and then set another goal. I didn't want to over-reach as I won't be doing any sewing while we travel. Now I have some baby pants cut out and ready to sew as well as one of my UFOs to put together. I also bought6.5 yds of fabirc yesterday so I'm barely ahead with using the stash but plan to get all of that used ASAP, or at least I can try.
Hugs and see you later. Jan Mac

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Maria said...

I am sure you will use up 100 yds in no time.

Pillowslips aregreat, I am sure they willbe loved by their new owners.

I am sure you will do some sort of sewing on holidays