Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Just Quilting

I've managed to bust 38 yards of stash over the past few days. Yesterday I bound 5 quilts, and put a QAYG quilt together as well as making backings for 2 quilts. Today was very productive as I made 2 pairs of sleep pants in flannel material, as well as PJs for an 8 year old and a pair of cord pants for a toddler. They will all be donated to Pine Ridge Reservation for kids in foster care.
If you're interested check out
Luckily all of this fabric has come from my Magic Cupboard, but I think I'm out of flannel now and when I went to buy some on sale at Spotlight at $2 a Yard, they'd already sold out. If anyone has any they want to donate, I'm happy to sew the pants and pass them on to a good cause.
Back to quilts again tomorrow.
hugs Jan Mac

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Tamera said...

Whoa! You go girl! 38 yards!!!!