Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Surprising doing a little adds up to a lot. I've been making these crochet sqs every chance I have, especially when watching TV with DH as I don't have to look at them to get the pattern right.
I use 8 ply yarn or a mixture of lighter weights to make up to 8 ply, and a hook sized 4.5mm. I work them in rounds of 10 and then double crochet them together with sqs set 5 x 7. I surprised myself when I put two together over the week as I found I had enough sqs to make another full blanket and I'm well on the way to having enough for a 4th.
These are all going in the next shipment for people affected by earthquakes in Asia. I'm still quilting and I'll post photos here again soon. Thanks for dropping by.
Hugs Janmac


Kaite said...

Looking good Jan, you sure are an inspiration.

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