Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Natural Disaster Areas

I delivered 73 quilts, crocheted blankets, cloth shopping bags and rice bags last week to be shipped off to East Timor. I also picked up large boxes of donated knitted scarves from the entry in the World's Longest Scarf competition. The lady said that there is about 240 yds of scarves. I've started joining them together in strips of 5 to make blankets which are about 42' x 70". They vary in width and length but I've managed to sort them into lengths and colours. So far I've finished 12 and I think I have enough pieces to make 50 blankets.
I've also been asked to send as many quilts and blankets as I can to be shipped off to Samoa following their tusnami and to the earthquake affected areas in Indonesia. I'm getting at least 2 done a day so I'm hoping to get them finished quickly and given out to where they are needed. I feel blessed to have such a lovely donation of knitted scavres which I can turn into something so useful. They vary but are mostly at least 12" wide so too wide to be used as just scarves.
The disaster areas have affected so many people that it's good to be able to help in some small way. I'm still workign with quilts for the bush fire areas so life is busy.
Hugs Jan Mac

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