Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Over a Week

I can't believe that it's been over a week since I last posted here. The time is going quickly with work and family commitments as well as putting more quilts together.
I'm mainly working with the donated QAYG blocks and have been very surprised that so many of you have been able to find their blocks in the quilts that are finished. I've made so many that I often can't remember which ones I've done.
I received a lovely phone call yesterday from a lady at Kinglake who had received one of the quilts. She wanted you all to know that your generous donations have helped with their recovery.
I think I have almost reached all the people who are still living in the area when I deliver the last lot of quilts to one of the schools for the parents who lost their homes. Then it will be harder to reach those who have moved and won't be returning to the area. I'm relying on hearing about them from other community members so we can get the quilts out to those who still need them.
On a family note, I did have a chuckle last night as our DS was talking about starting a vegetable garden and growing the vegetables that he and his housemates enjoy eating. He also loves using lemons in a lot of his cooking and suggested that he grow a lemon tree in a pot so he could take it with him if he moves. He didn't want to commit to waiting a few years until it bears fruit, so I suggested that he not get a pet if he thinks a lemon tree is too big a commitment.
I think it's a generational thing and I'm sure that many of you can relate.
Hugs until next time. Jan Mac


swooze said...

Hi Jan. What a wonderful thing you are doing. There has been no more news here in the US of those that had to endure this terrible tragedy. I am glad that you are keeping us updated on your efforts. Hugs to you.

Carol E. said...

That quilt is particularly beautiful.