Friday, July 3, 2009

Time to be Creative

I'm still jet lagged from night shift but wanted to get a few more QAYG quilts put together. Kaite M. from NSW had very kindly made half the blocks for a quilt in the St Kilda football team's colours of red, black and white. I made the remainder and finally got them all put together today.
I didn't have enough black strips for joining the blocks together but did find a large piece of gold fabric with celestial figures on it. Luckily the gold seemed to be painted on the black fabric and when I used the wrong side of the fabric it read as "black" so it was perfect to finish off the binding and you can't tell the difference from the black homespun I also used. I love the finished quilt as the colours are really striking and thanks to Kaite we got another one finished for a Kinglake family of St Kilda supporters.
Now to get another queen sized one finished. Hugs Jan Mac


KaiteM. said...

hi Jan, wow our blocks blend in really well together. You'd almost think we had been sitting side by side doing them together, not a whole state apart. The finished quilt looks beaut and will make the Saints supporter feel cherished. hugs, Kaite

ForestJane said...

Wow, love the red and black strings! Especially with the thin sashing between. :)

Millie said... the string quilt with the red and black. The thin black sashings makes the red string blocks pop.