Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flu Season

It was a productive week with putting QAYG blocks into quilts but sadly the flu season has interrupted my sewing. No I don't have the flu but so many of my colleagues at work have succumbed to the flu that I've had to work extra shifts to help cover. I'm working night shifts this week as it's the hardest shift to cover.
Hopefully I'll stay flu-free as well and get back to my quilting when I catch up on sleep.
The photo is of the most used quilt we have. It's made in the style of an old-fashioned wagga, using flannel for the backing and I bought woolen shirts and a sweater from the op shop. I pieced them together in a simple pattern of strips and it's about 15 years old. It's the quilt I used for the kids when they were sick as it was fairly indestructible. It became their favourite and it's still nice and cuddly so I slept under it after my tooth extraction last week.
I'm working again tonight and probably tomorrow night so I'll have more photos to post after that.
Take care, Jan Mac


Chris said...

Wishing you good health in the days ahead :)

KaiteM. said...

That looks like a lovely healing wagga quilt Jan. Take its energy with you when you go to work.
Another one wishing you good health. Kaite

Eva Gallant said...

Love yur quilts!