Sunday, May 31, 2009

Suitcase Packed

Yes I've packed my case ready for our trip to Melbourne early in the morning. No this isn't for my clothes, like all quilters I have packed my hand sewing first. I bought this little case when I was at the Southern Cross Quilters retreat in Adelaide last month. I couldn't resist it and it's an ideal size for hand sewing and scissors. The hexagons are a new project I've started to use up all the 2.5" squares I swapped for the millennium quilt I was going to make. I enjoy hand piecing so much that it's been a lovely project to work on and I plan to get lots done while I wait for Ray to get out of surgery.
We're off to the Epworth hospital early tomorrow as Ray's surgery will be at 1pm and we'd just like to ask if you could all keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a good outcome. I'll still be working on the quilts for the bush fire appeal and we'll only be away for 1 or 2 nights and then I'll be doing some home nursing.
Just a note for those who are knitting hats and scarves for Kinglake people, their football team wears green and gold so hats in that colour would probably be popular too, as well as using the colours of the AFL teams.
Take care. Jan Mac


KaiteM. said...

Mum said to tell you we'll be sitting here knitting up best wishes and positive thoughts all afternoon tomorrow Jan. And we'll find some green and gold too. Big hug, Kt.

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Thoughts and prayers for all of you. As you stitch your little 'Hexagons of Hope'you only continue the practice of the daily living of a faith directed life. The work of your hands has already blessed so many hearts that each and every one of them...and now connected to you and to your love of Ray. Prayers abound for you from all over the globe!

Dave said...

hi Jan,

I just posted you three bags of quilts. They are from my mother's quilting group (Twelve Friday Quilters) in Kalamunda, WA. I mailed them from Melbourne so they should arrive at you about Thursday next week (13th June).