Friday, May 8, 2009

Packing quilts

I was trying to reclaim the rumpus room as it looks like an explosion of quilts has occurred in there. We took about 140 quilts down to give out in Kinglake on Thurs and have had some lovely big deliveries of more quilts over the last few days. I met up with Lois McDonald on Friday and she had driven over from South Australia to deliver quilts. I haven't had time to photograph them yet but will put them on my other blog soon. I haven't counted yet but there were a lot of them!! So many thanks to the Loxton ladies.
We have a Dr's appointment in Melbourne on Weds so we plan to drop more quilts off on our way down. Our youngest DD came home for the weekend and wanted to know what had happened to make so much mess. Surely she knows by now that I have a "quilting house" and not just confined to one room.
I'm always grateful when people are happy to receive a quilt as it makes more room for the next lot I'll be finishing. I've finished a single bed one today and now I'm working on a queen sized on as I've just heard of another family in the Knglake area, who haven't recived a quilt yet.
Thanks for reading.

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KaiteM. said...

Jan it's not thanks to us for reading, it's more a case of thankyou for taking time out to post. You and your family are doing such a wonderful job there, i just wish i was closer so i could drop by to give you a big hug and a helping hand. K.