Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Quilts Finished

Here's two more of the quilts I've finished this week and they will be going to Kinglake when we visit again this Friday. The Dresden Plates were donated as plates and I hand stitched them to background fabric and added some border fabric. The other lovely quilts was donated with backing and batting and I only had to quilt and bind this one. The colours are lovely and will makea beautiful gift of love for someone who has lost their home. As for Kaite's question about using a walking foot- I used to have one but it shook apart after about the first 1,000 quilts I used it on. I haven't found a need for one now really as I usually use a fairly flat batting and don't have a problem with the batting shifting. I'm working on quilting some of the lovely tops that have been donated as well as piecing backings for them. I measure all the donated tops and then look for fabric in my stash which I can use to piece a suitable back of the right size. It takes time but it's a good way to use up some of the fabric I'm no longer in love with.
Back to stitching. Hugs Jan Mac


KaiteM. said...

how funny Jan, your walking foot shook apart after about 1000 quilts! I'm surprised you didn't "shook apart" also! The dresden plates quilt came up well, you were able to match them beautifully.
Terry and i met up for lunch today and we discussed the bushfire comfort quilts at length. We both agreed that they were very high on our lists of importance for what to do this year, 2nd after family. K.

Terry said...

Jan I have been working on some blocks for you. My question is how many squares across and down for a queen size quilt?

You and yours are truly inspiring. Terry P.