Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Light is On Again

Well it's a simple thing but it's amazing how much easier it is to thread the needle when the machine light works. I've been going through so many globes that I thought my machine must be faulty. It's a 30 year old machine and I've sewed and machine quilted over 2,000 quilts on it. It's getting a heavy work-out now with putting the QAYG quilt blocks together into large quilts.
The needle threader isn't working again either but as I've just had it fixed for $90 I can manage without it for a while.
I've been busy with paid work but also making backs for donated tops and I've been quilting some of them on my short arm quilting machine. Today I need to finish off binding on some more and then I'll post photos on my other blog at
This quilt was donated from Western Australia and I had the perfect colour for binding in my stash so it won't take long to finish it.
Thanks for all your messages on the blog. When you write to a blog you never know how many people actually read it. I used to have a visitor counter but I found that it's easier and less time-consuming to have a simple blog so I spend less time on that and more on the quilts for donations.
Hugs and thanks for reading.
Jan Mac


KaiteM. said...

how funny Jan, you have a 30 yo Brother and i've got a 30 yo Elna Sapph. They must be Brother and Sister - teehee! But yours has done sooo much more work than mine.
I imagined that you would have the biggest and the best for all the work you do for others, but then again, that's not quite the way it works is it?
But you don't even have a walking foot on it? that is one thing i have invested in recently for my Elna. Couldn't do without it now.
Hope you can keep the light on now. hugs, and watch the mail, K.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, I have your blog on a blog-alert thing to let me know when there is a new post. I also visit almost daily anyway and re-read your posts and look at your photos. I should tell you more often how much I admire your work and appreciate the inspiration you give us. Kindest regards -- Dianne B. in England