Friday, March 6, 2009

Plenty of Support

Well it's the end of another busy week and the post office staff are keeping me busy which has been great. This week I've received 45 donated quilts and 352 donated QAYG blocks as well as donated orphan blocks, tops, and fabric.
Due to a lack of time I'm sorry but I'm going to send a thank you via the list as I need to get back to finishing off quilts.
I've received quilts from:
Annabell Samuel (WA), Debbie Walker (Tas), Margo Barber (Tas), Mary Eldridge (NSW), Karen Moore (Qld), Cherrill Wynne (Qld), Terry Patterson (NSW), Kaite Matilda and her Mum (NSW), Lee-Allan Urbanski (Vic), Carol Shaw (Vic), Stawell quilters (Vic) 16 quilts, and Una G. (Vic). The last lady saw me at the post office and asked me to call at her home where she gave me 7 quilts. The response has been wonderful but we are still in need of quilts, especially the larger ones.
Christina is in need of 100 quilts in the next 2 weeks and I've been asked for 210 quilts for children and teens in the Kinglake area as well as 17 large quilts for CFA members who lost their homes while fighting fires elsewhere.
I've also received parcels of QAYG blocks from:
Janine Matthews (NSW), Carol Richardson (ACT), Beryl Redford (USA), Betty Swalling (SA), Linda Farley (WA), Terry Patterson (NSW), Margaret Attrill (NSW), Kay Pauling (USA), Carol Egan (USA), Charlene Tudor (USA), Barbara Waldrip (USA), Gay Jenkins (UK), Anne Wasson (Vic), Pam Avara (USA), Abby Fuller (USA), Janet Corcoran (USA), and Tan Lay Ngoh (Singapore). The blocks are all lovely and I'm getting them put together ASAP. This week I've made a QS and 3 single beds QAYG quilts so far.
I've also received parcels of fabric, tops, blocks etc from :
Meloday Tallon (NSW), Kelly Hamlyn-Harris (Vic), Annette Schuiling (NSW), Suzanne Nicholson (NSW), Kat McCallum (NZ), Sheila Maslen (WA), Brenda Ibbotson (NSW), Wendy Evans (WA), Hilly (Vic ). S. Xerri (NSW), Anne Hayes (Qld) and Jo Ault (Vic).

Mary-anne, Christina and I are very grateful for all your support with this project. We have started giving out quilts but will still need many more. National Quilting Day is March 21st so maybe that would be a good day for a working bee with getting more quilts finished.
I've added photos of the donated quilts to the blog at
Please spread the word that we need help to give out more quilts or donations of QAYG blocks as the many ladies who have spread the word about them from my blog at
have helped to get blocks from around the world. People want to help and may welcome the information of how they can help in a quilty way.

As for the concerns about the floods in Queensland, I won't be asking for quilts for these people, not because they may not appreciate them but because making and distributing 7,500 quilts for the bush fire survivors is an enormous task and I am still working for East Timor as well. I have been through a flood where we were stranded for a week at home, about 10 years ago, and although it was very stressful, we knew that it was unlikely that there would be a loss of life. That is not to make light of what these communities have been enduring, but I think the worldwide response for the bush fire survivors has been to a great extent because of the tragic loss of life and not just property. We live in a beautiful country but it's not for the faint-hearted at times. I'm very grateful that I am able to help in some small way by making quilts and donating them to where they will be appreciated. I really appreciate all your help and encourage anyone who would also like to donate quilts to the flooded areas to perhaps contact the state quilter's association to see if they are in need of help.
Back to the sewing machine.
Hugs Jan Mac
Kialla Vic

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