Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friday Block Party

I see that Quiltpixie is having a block party every Friday as a challenge to try new blocks to piece. I decided to join and have made the first block today just in time to make the second one tomorrow.
The photo isn't great but I'm happy with the block. It turned out the right size and I'm using all scraps for these blocks.
They will all be used in a scrap quilt or three to donate. I used some pre-cut squares I had so it went together quickly.
I like the look of this block and I'm ready for Block 2 now!!

1 comment:

Quilt Pixie said...

love the way your block turned out -- the reds are nice and bright without dominating :-)

I'd love to give you access to author on the friday block party blog... your comment on my blog though was set to no-reply and without an email I can't :-( You can email me at quiltpixie at yahoo dot com