Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quilts Out of Nothing

I read at one of my online groups that one quilter uses up all her scraps at the end of the year so she start the new year fresh with new projects and new scraps. This seems like a very good plan to me as my scraps always seem to take over my sewing room.
On the other hand I do have lots of strings and thin pieces to make blocks and they go together quickly when I have so many pieces already cut. I make Quilt As You Go (QAYG) Blocks using up all my thin pieces and batting scraps and have been making so many in the past few days that I almost have enough blocks finished to put a quilt together. I call these my Quilts Out of Nothing as they are made using bits and pieces that most people would throw out but I'm able to make a lovely quilt which will keep someone warm. I've shown some of the blocks I made yesterday as well as some of the quilts I've made previously using this method.
Something to think about as we hear so much negative talk about the economy and our money tightens. Perhaps you can make a quilt or two out of nothing and donate it to someone who needs a warm hug.
I doubt that I'll use anywhere near enough scraps to clear out my sewing room but I'm having a pieceful time trying!


Alejandro said...

Very beautiful pattern!

Mary said...

Keith calls these my trash quilts because when I showed him my first string quilt I said I made it from leftover bits and pieces from other projects that some people throw away. ( He means it in a nice way).

I have so many leftovers, I could never begin to use them all up before the end of the year but they'll keep me sewing for months ( and even years at this pace).

These are lovely quilts as always!