Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quilts and Friends

Here is the quilt I slept under in Dili , East Timor. I'd donated it about 6 years ago so it was good to see it still going strong and no signs of wear. I stayed at a home for young people run by the Carmelite nuns in Dili. The home provides accommodation while they are studying or working and was built by Australians.
The second bright quilt is one I've finished from donated blocks and it's on its way to Maubisse in East Timor. They love bright colours so I'm sure it will be loved and appreciated for it's warmth as well as its colours.
The last photo is of one of the Carmelite nuns who fed me so well in Maubisse. She was taking some time to do some garment sewing on a treadle sewing machine. There was no fabric in Maubisse so the fabric must have come from Dili or Indonesia. Sister spoke little English but was always smiling and welcoming and ran the household for the other nuns so she didn't go out with the mobile medical clinics.
I miss being able to catch up with the community there and I'm looking forward to going back and meeting old friends again as well as helping out with medical care.
I spoke at a local Rotary meeting on Wednesday and have a couple more lined up for the new year so I'm hoping to spread the word and get more support for these lovely people as the need is great. In the meantime I'm still making quilts and knitting hats and baby clothes as well as crocheting blankets.
We are blessed to live where we do and I'm also blessed to be able to share my quilts etc with others.

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Carol E. said...

How fun to get to sleep under your own quilt (an old friend)!