Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas is Coming

I finally have the tree up but it looks prettier than the photo shows here. I have also been busy getting more quilts ready for the next shipment to East Timor. I put this one together yesterday from my QAYG blocks using fabric and batting scraps. I love how a quilt can be made from scraps that others would throw away. I have more blocks to make today and I also quilted 2 tops yesterday so I have their bindings to finish.
I think I'll also do some more mindless sewing on some more QAYG blocks and try to get some of my scraps under control.
I'm wishing you all a festive season as you prepare to celebrate your holiday season.


Carol E. said...

I think it's hard to get a photo of a Christmas tree that is as pretty as the reality. I took a bunch of mine, too, and none of them did it justice.

Anonymous said...

Your string quilt is great! Love those scrappy quilts.