Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blessing Others

Well our Christmas celebrations have come and gone and I've been happy to watch the cricket on TV while I'm knitting hats and jumpers for East Timor babies. Here's some of the finished items which will help to keep some babies and children warm next winter. The quilt is one I've put together from orphan blocks and it looked better than the photo.
I've been lucky enough to have other quilters donate rice bags, school supplies and knitted jumpers and hats for the East Timorese people and I'm happy to know that they will all help to make life a little better for them. I've made at least one hat and a pair of booties a day, most days and still have many bits of wool to crochet into blankets to donate.
I worked 6 out of 7 days just before Christmas, at my paid job, including night shift, so I'm happy to relax a bit at home and watch the cricket. I have a big pile of QAYG blocks finished too and plan to put them together into a quilt later tonight. We're probably going camping for a few days tomorrow, so I'll be taking my knitting and a few books to read while I relax in the mountains with DH and friends. Life is good!

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Carol E. said...

I don't think I have your address any more. Can you send it, please? I have a quilt top I plan to expand somehow and will send to you for East Timor.