Friday, November 21, 2008

Delivery Day

I delivered 15 large boxes of quilts, knitted hats and scarves, booties and tote bags as well as warm clothes all to be sent over to East Timor.
I ran out of room in the car and put 2 boxes on the roof rack. I must remember that I can carry more that way next time as I still have a few more things to add to boxes and of course the production won't stop before Christmas so I will have more quilts ready to send before the end of the year. I also knitted 2 hats yesterday so the collection of hats and booties will continue to grow. I never worry that what I send won;t be used as the need is great and the people in the remote mountain areas don't have access to supplies of warm garments. I know that they also need school supplies and more will be gathered for the next shipment. The stack of quilts are some of the simple quilts made from 6" squares and the photos of the other quilts will be loaded onto my webshots page soon. Off to my paid job now so more later.


Mary said...

I just love seeing all the quilts ready for delivery. I know it must have felt wonderful to see the quilts on the beds on your trip.

Helen in the UK said...

WOW - what a fantastic pile of quilts ready for delivery. Have enjoyed reading back in your blog about your trip to E. Timor.
Your red/black/white bowtie quilt is very stricking too :)