Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trip Features

I was part of a group of people who are building a new school at Likitei in the hills out of Dili.
Here you can see the old school in the background and the framework for the new school is already up. We poured concrete for part of the new floor. I didn't work on this much as I was involved in medical clinics but this shows some of the work we were doing. Believe it or not this is the type of school some of these kids attend as shown below. There are plans to build new schools all over East Timor but it's a big job. The chap working in his garden is a typical scene and shows the satellite dish that many have to get Indonesian TV. That is, when the power is on which is spasmodic. It should be from 6pm to midnight but that doesn't always happen. The thatched house is a traditional house which is still very common in the hill district. The house living part is in the roof area at the top. It takes a long time to build these houses but they last for years and then may only need re-thatching. Couldn't resist showing another baby photo with the knitted hat being used. The number of babies is enormous and the need for warm clothes in the hill area is always great. Only at Dili and along the coast is it warm and humid.


Jenny F said...

Thanks for sharing your photos Jan. They are very interesting. We just don't realise how desperate things are do we?

Nicole and Phil said...

Thanks for sharing your work with us. You are involved in some inspiring work for these communities!

pattilou said...

Oh that all would be sharing in equality in this world. The mission of the Worldwide United Foundation is to unify, under one voice, all people and organizations of the world that are established for and share the common goal of abolishing poverty and inequality. Thanks to you my friend for giving of your talents to others.