Monday, October 20, 2008

Mobile Health Clinic

Some of my photos from a mobile health clinic I helped in the hills. It took 1 hour to drive about 5 kms over unmade roads. We worked inside a large native hut with a thatched roof and when the light faded we moved our table and chairs outside. Before we started the clinic we shook hands with the whole village and the people were lovely and tried to kiss my hand. The whole experience was very humbling and I was blessed to have this opportunity. Blogger is slow with the photos at the moment so more to follow. Sr I. is at the table in one photo and getting set up to work. The people all stood in line for hours while they waited their turn. Some queue jumped- I think because they had a longer walk home in the dark. I've never expereinced the provision of health-care as a spectator event but everyone was very respectful but we had to clear the people away at times so we could see in the fading light.
More later if you're not bored.

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Carol E. said...

Bored?! No way! It's a very interesting experience you had.