Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More quilts finished

I've been busy finishing up some quilt tops to take on my trip to East Timor. I only have a luggage limit of 20kg so I won't have room for many but better to take some than take more clothes for me.
I'm also finishing off a crocheted blanket and have 3 of them to take with tote bags. They will probably be appreciated too as I will be staying in a cooler part of East Timor.
I hope to get my passport today and I'm still cutting sqs of fabric to take as well as getting some safety pins and buttons.
Better get busy again. Hugs JJ


Carol E. said...

Welcome to blogging! I can hardly wait to hear about your trip to East Timor. Thanks for providing the map. I didn't know where it was... sad to say. Now I do!

Mary said...

How exciting for you to travel to the region where so many of your quilts have been donated.