Monday, September 22, 2008

Another finish

This is the finished quilt I put together from a donated kit of pieces. I sewed them together and added some more pieces to make the quilt bigger. I love how the yellow sashing ties the different colours together.
I must start weighing things now and start packing my bags. I've received some lovely donations of sewing things to take with me to East Timor and I'm hoping to be able to buy a sewing machine over there to leave for the women.
I've also found out that I'll be staying just opposite a new hospital and very near a medical clinic so I'm hoping to visit there too. I think I'll be helping to kit out and paint a new school. I don't mind what I do as it's a big adventure and the chance to learn more about a new culture.
Cheers, JJ


swooze said...

Very nice. I hope you have a good visit.

pattilou said...

Best wishes for a very productive trip. How exciting for you to be able to go!